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Medacist Solutions Group is the lead innovator in drug diversion analytics as evidenced by being granted the only U.S. patent for drug diversion. Our core initiative is to deliver actionable information focused on the medication use process to drive better patient safety outcomes for the clients we serve. As such, we are proud to say that thousands of hospitals across the U.S. have relied on our RxAuditor analytics suite to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce liability, and ensure patient safety.

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RxAuditor Analytics

RxAuditor Analytics

Medacist provides the RxAuditor analytics suite as a SaaS delivery model to the acute and long-term health care industry assisting its clients in a variety of ways through the following services:

  • RxAuditor OnDemand

    RxAuditor OnDemand

    RxAuditor, best in breed, patented drug diversion analytics -- RxAuditor web-enabled drug auditing system provides customers with the ability to proactively measure, monitor and manage key automated dispensing system metrics in real time, which ultimately leads to increased clinical, economic and operational value. RxAuditor OnDemand also provides comprehensive monthly analytics, providing trending and detailed audit reports depicting statistical abnormalities associated with clinical-, economic- and/or operational-related automated dispensing system transactions.

  • RxAuditor 360

    RxAuditor OnDemand

    RxAuditor 360, best in breed, patented dispense-to-administration medication reconciliation analytics -- provides the health care professional the ability to reconcile RxDispensing (ADS) transactions with RxAdministration (EHR) transactions in order to improve patient safety by providing analytics necessary to close the loop in the medication dispensing to administration process.

  • RxAuditor CPA

    RxAuditor OnDemand

    RxAuditor CPA, provides health care professionals the ability to reconcile transactional activity associated with the central pharmacy’s automated storage systems. Delivering analytics associated with packaging and distribution of medications from the health care facilities central pharmacy to the automated dispensing systems.

ScripTrac Analytics

ScripTrac Analytics

When presented with the task of finding a solution to our nation’s opioid epidemic, Medacist answered with ScripTrac.

An analytics platform focused on provider prescription practice of controlled substances, ScripTrac was architect-ed with an advanced concentration on opioid prescribing. Our expertise in building laser-focused analytics allowed us to design a multipurpose platform to accommodate both healthcare prescriber and administration. ScripTrac offers service-based prescription monitoring, provider bench-marking, provider evaluation, and unparalleled predictive addiction targeting across the national healthcare spectrum.

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