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February 10, 2021

Medacist Analytical Solutions Lead the Way in Fight Against Opioid Abuse

New growth and adoption of RxAuditor Investigate™ technology helps hospitals and healthcare institutions combat drug diversion

Medacist, the industry leader in drug diversion technology solutions, highlighted today the company’s continued commitment to helping hospitals and healthcare institutions in their fight to curb opioid abuse and drug diversion in their facilities. Medacist’s portfolio of drug diversion analytics solutions, specifically RxAuditor Investigate, continue to be adopted at a significant rate, with more than 140 hospitals, implementing its technology over the past 16 months since commercially released.

Currently, Medacist’s solutions protect 67% of the U.S. patient population and over 3 million clinicians across 2000+ facilities nationwide.

“Today’s pandemic has created trying times for everyone, especially our frontline workers and healthcare providers. While the battle against COVID-19 continues, issues such as opioid abuse and drug diversion are still prevalent and need real-time solutions,” said David J. Brzozowski Sr., President & CEO, Medacist. “Our solutions are designed to deliver our clients with actionable information they can use to mitigate drug diversion and focus on what they do best — provide exceptional patient care.”

With the only U.S. patent for drug diversion, Medacist’s unique combination of in-depth healthcare industry knowledge, technology solutions, best-in-class customer service and attention to detail has established it as the premiere resource in drug diversion analytics.

“As the earliest innovator and pioneer in this space, we know that drug diversion is a complex problem that requires immediate access to real-time actionable information to prevent accidents and save lives,” continued Brzozowski Sr. “We are pleased that healthcare organizations and hospitals are turning to us to help them with this issue, leveraging our technology platform, 22 years of industry specific data and superior customer service. And, we are not done yet. Our technology team is working on new features and functionality to our platforms to drive greater efficiency and information transparency.”

Medacist’s Genesis™ analytics platform is the most comprehensive and powerful diversion detection engine in the industry. Genesis™ utilizes a proprietary knowledge base of 22 years of exclusive ADS and EMR data and leverages machine learning algorithms that identify diversion patterns, learned and confirmed by actual diversion events and enriched by other data sources.

The company’s RxAuditor Investigate™ solution, the first product offering of Genesis™, continues to receive interest and rapid adoption among new and existing Medacist customers. RxAuditor Investigate™ offers a full platform of drug diversion analytics and tracking technology which allows for time savings, reduces liability, and most importantly, ensures patient safety. RxAuditor Investigate™ helps target risk, decrease false positives, provides a start-to-end investigation workflow for all members of the diversion risk team, and eliminates the time-consuming tasks associated with the diversion auditing process.

Our diversion team which is multidisciplinary was very impressed that the two most recent people we had been investigating for possible diversion were confirmed by RxAuditor Investigate,” said Joni Street RPh, BCPS, Inpatient Pharmacy Supervisor and Diversion Officer, Creighton University Med Center – Bergan Mercy.

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