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November 26, 2019

Medacist Returns to ASHP Midyear with Commercially Released RxAuditor Investigate – The First Offering of the Genesis Analytics Platform

Medacist, the pioneer and leader in drug diversion analytics, leads the industry once again with latest analytics platform – Genesis – with its first offering being RxAuditor Investigate.

The Genesis analytics platform is an expert system built on a new engine quantified through a knowledge base comprised of over 20 years of industry exclusive ADS and EMR data from thousands of facilities across the country. This engine powers our machine learning algorithms developed to identify diversion through pattern recognition – learned and confirmed by actual diversion events and enriched by multiple other data sources.

This engine will power an entire new suite of products leading with our first offering: RxAuditor Investigate.

The innovation of RxAuditor Investigate was born from the need to curate a list of “at-risk” individuals from a larger list of statistically identified diversion outliers. The previous need to perform time-consuming manual audits is eliminated by the incorporation of autonomous diversion auditing through evaluation, scoring, and ranking of risk – thus reducing false positives and curating a targeted list of “at-risk” individuals.

RxAuditor Investigate’s main objective is to target risk within the medication-use-process and identify areas of risk across your organization at any level of responsibility – with a single glance, while providing a start-to-finish auditing portal for all members of a diversion risk team.

Want to learn more about RxAuditor Investigate and Genesis analytics? Come visit us at the 2019 ASHP Midyear Meeting at Booth 1571 or contact us at!

RxAuditor Investigate

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