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April 5, 2021

Medacist Unveils RxDiversion Scorecard

Medacist, the industry leader in drug diversion technology solutions, today launched the Medacist RxDiversion Scorecard, a new online set of guidelines to help hospitals and healthcare institutions understand their specific needs and evaluate drug diversion analytical solutions.

Backed by over two decades of drug diversion experience and data analytics, the new scorecard system outlines critical factors in assessing a healthcare facility’s aptitude in drug diversion initiatives along with potential risk factors otherwise unknown. As Medacist continues their sole business objective in providing best-in-class drug diversion analytics, this latest announcement reaffirms their commitment to providing better solutions and more actionable insights to better protect patient outcomes.

As the landscape around drug diversion instances continues to evolve and becomes increasingly complex, strict criteria were developed for evaluating drug diversion solutions in organizations. Overall, the assessment examines performance characteristics surrounding data integration and abstraction, algorithmic characteristics and artificial intelligence, vendor capability and agility, security and support, and reporting and workflow.

“The drug diversion technology marketplace can be complex and confusing for today’s hospital and healthcare providers,” said David J. Brzozowski Jr., CTO, Medacist. “Many vendors and evaluators are looking at only one aspect or feature of a particular offering or solution, which can lead to disappointing results for potential customers and partners. We developed these criteria to help our clients and the broader industry with a tangible way to evaluate solutions that are in the market and match them to their specific, real-world needs and requirements.”

With the only U.S. patent for drug diversion, Medacist’s unique combination of in-depth healthcare industry knowledge, new technology solutions, best-in-class customer service and attention to detail has established it as the premier resource in drug diversion analytics.

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