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Our Story

Since day one, Medacist has been committed to delivering actionable analytics focused on the medication use process to drive better patient safety outcomes for the clients we serve.

We Exist to Ensure Patient Safety

Since 1998, our mission has been to enable healthcare organizations to reduce liability, ensure regulatory compliance, and deliver patient safety above all else. Our mission — much like our commitment to doing right by our clients — continues to drive us today.

The Lead Innovator in Diversion Analytics for 20+ Years

Over the past 20+ years, Medacist has continued to be a lead innovator in the healthcare industry and find the solutions to our clients’ needs in the acute care and long term care settings.


Medacist is Founded

Medacist Solutions Group was founded in 1998, as a direct result of extensive consulting projects of its parent company Total Concept Data Services in the healthcare industry. The formation of a healthcare software solutions company was a natural evolution due to an expanding healthcare client base coupled with the unique ability to address a hospital pharmacy’s need for actionable information.


Medacist Releases Drug Auditing and Workflow Management Portal

The Genesis analytics platform is built on 20 years of industry exclusive ADS and EMR data from thousands of facilities and intelligence models derived from diversion experience of pattern recognition and confirmed outcomes through machine learning algorithms.


Medacist Releases RxAuditor Investigate

RxAuditor Investigate’s main objective is to target risk within the medication-use-process and identify areas of risk across your organization at any level of responsibility – with a single glance.

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Medacist Implements COVID-19 Specific Therapeutic Analytics

 In an effort to assist our customers with information pertinent to these shifting practices, we rolled out COVID-19 specific therapeutic analytics and analysis across our solutions. With this implementation of COVID-19 therapeutic analytics, Medacist will provide our customers with a tailored perspective to the Coronavirus practice within their organization.


Medacist Unveils RxDiversion Scorecard

Medacist launched the Medacist RxDiversion Scorecard, an online set of guidelines to help hospitals and healthcare institutions understand their specific needs and evaluate drug diversion analytical solutions. 


Medacist Announces RxAuditor Reconcile

Built on stronger data to deliver unparalleled insights, Medacist’s RxAuditor Reconcile closes the loop on the medication use process. Standardized collaborative workflows for drug diversion investigations have the ability to quickly identify anomalous activity.

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