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Operational Reporting

Transform Diversion Insights Into Action

Through our comprehensive diversion analytics platform, Medacist enables clinical, operational and financial reporting that saves your health facility or system time and reduces liability.

Focus Your Efforts on What Matters Most

Consistent auditing and reporting is critical to ensure your organization is maximizing productivity and minimizing liability risks. Through the Medacist platform, organizations can achieve data reduction of 70% for at-risk individuals and labor savings of 30-40 hours per month. Our operational reporting capabilities enable you to gain visibility across the entire medication lifecycle and fensure the highest standards of  patient safety.

A Wealth of Data at Your Fingertips

Built on our 24 years of industry-specific data and patented technology, your healthcare organization can streamline drug diversion analytics into actionable insights that protect our healthcare workers.

Operational Reporting

Analyze key performance metrics associated to the optimization, optimal inventory levels based on historical usage, stock-out, refill optimization, dispense-to-refill analysis, and hardware error analysis.

Clinical Reporting

Benefit from metrics provided by Medcaist that are associated to medication errors, adverse drug reaction, medication override, and waste and discrepancy. Drawing drug diversion prevention insights has never been easier.

Economical Reporting

Dive deeper into the metrics that impact your bottom line. You’ll have access to data on your medication cost, inventory turn analysis, expired medication loss, inventory loss (shrinkage) from discrepancies, and more.

Take the Guesswork Out of Drug Diversion Prevention

The opiod crisis is ever-evolving and increasingly difficult to navigate. Powered by our Genesis AI and machine-learning engine, the Medacist platform streamlines the investigation of diversion cases and simplifies operational reporting. In turn, you’re able to spend more time delivering the highest level of patient care possible.

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RxAuditor Investigate is an improved communication tool for the multidisciplinary teams and allows those teams to come to a quicker resolution when outliers are identified.

Mike T., RP, Division VP Pharmacy Services CHI Fargo & CHI Health

RxAuditor Investigate does a fantastic job of taking the top high-risk users of controlled substances in our facility and displays them in an easy to view diversion risk dashboard. To research diversion is a needle in a haystack, but with RxAuditor Investigate it brings that haystack down to a more manageable size.

Sadie H., CPHT, Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital

I love the visual aspects of RxAuditor Investigate. I find the assurance metrics section to be exceptionally helpful by comparing the user to their peers. I would like to give RxAuditor Investigate credit for the “aha moment”.

Joni S., RPH, BCPS, Inpatient Pharmacy Supervisor and Diversion Officer Creighton University Med Center - Bergan Mercy

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